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This comm was made for everyday chatting. Talk about whatever you want, whenever you want. Its set up so anyone can make a post, so when we hit captcha anyone can make the next post.


1) If you want to make an OT post thats fine, but if you have news thats for extreme sports post them in ONTD_extreme, for footie news post it in efootie or ONTD_fb.

2) Posting pictures are fine, but don't post the same one on every page, that gets redundant and annoying. Also if you want to have a pic spam of something make a post for it.

3) Don't be a negative nancy, only positive comments here.

4) If a lot of people want to watch a show, make a post for it. But if it's just a little amount of people, you can stay in the original post.

5) Blatantly rude comments towards other members will not be tolerated and is grounds for deletion.

6) You have to be active to be a member of this community.

Questions, comments, concerns? You can message either heathermooney or parlons_couture and we'll try to get back as soon as possible.

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We have changed the deletion date. Unless you commented in the mod post, you have been deleted on 12-1.